Middle School (6th - 8th Grades)

The middle school teachers believe…

  • confidence grows as academic challenges are met
  • students should assume a greater degree of independence in their school life
  • students should feel safe in his or her school community
  • critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills should be stressed
  • students need work that stimulates their curiosity and desire for understanding
  • quality communication between teachers and families boosts the success of the student

In our classrooms, you will see…

  • an emotionally safe environment where children are encouraged to be risk takers.
  • small class sizes and the strong Core Knowledge Curriculum
  • students assuming greater responsibility for their own learning.
  • electives such as Band, Music, Art, Physical Education and Health, Technology and others offered to students
  • technology infused into the classroom.
  • opportunities for participation in high school leveled online classes through the NCVPS program onsite at NDS
  • a balance of traditional and hands-on learning approaches.