Kindergarten - 5th Grades

The elementary school teachers believe…

  • there are no limits to what children can accomplish.

  • students should be encouraged to take risks and learn from mistakes.

  • accommodations should be made for different learning styles and abilities.

  • students achieve success when they feel valued as individuals.

  • organization and time management skills lead to greater independence.

In our elementary classrooms you will see…

  • daily designated Warrior time for small group support in specific skill areas.

  • a variety of student work displayed.

  • basic skills being emphasized as students transition into middle school.

  • technology being integrated across the curriculum.

  • students assuming more responsibility.

  • students being taught through a variety of approaches.

Living Civil War Wax Museum

Fifth graders in Mrs. Weaklend's class held a living Civil War wax museum for other grade levels. This activity required students to identify significant contributions of a famous or not so famous person in our Core Knowledge Civil War Unit. The person they chose had to be featured somewhere in their reader. The “living wax museum” was a collection of visual displays where students, dressed as famous individuals, stood at attention, while visitors walk around and tour exhibits illustrating the life of the person represented. Students could press their "button" and the character would come to life and tell about the person they were portraying. They did an awesome job!!!! Good job 5th grade!!!!