Kindergarten - 5th Grades

The elementary school teachers believe…

  • there are no limits to what children can accomplish.

  • students should be encouraged to take risks and learn from mistakes.

  • accommodations should be made for different learning styles and abilities.

  • students achieve success when they feel valued as individuals.

  • organization and time management skills lead to greater independence.

In our elementary classrooms you will see…

  • daily designated Warrior time for small group support in specific skill areas.

  • a variety of student work displayed.

  • basic skills being emphasized as students transition into middle school.

  • technology being integrated across the curriculum.

  • students assuming more responsibility.

  • students being taught through a variety of approaches.

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Third grade New Dimensions Charter School student, Lucy J, has worked hard to save her Dojo points. Class Dojo is an online behavior program that allows students to earn "positive" points for making good choices and doing the right thing. She wanted to use those points to read a story to younger students. Lucy read, "Say What?" to Mrs Chapman's Kindergarten class who loved having her. They were very attentive and asked appropriate questions. Lucy exhibited many qualities that others could follow. She expressed a desire to invest in others, and stuck to her goal to save the points necessary to read to younger students, she shared her love of reading with others, and set an example for the younger students and her peers to model. Lucy's mom, Amy, stated, "Lucy's friends had tried to get her to use her points for something else but she stayed true to her goal and wants to save enough points to do it again before the end of the year." Lucy's parents, teachers, and NDS staff are very proud of her.