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My name is Jameson Auton and I am a 2008 graduate of New Dimensions Charter School.  I started my journey at NDS, in a small room at the Mt. View Rec Center, when it was in its second year and spread out all over the county. I  graduated as part of the first class to begin at kindergarten and go through 5th grade over on Concord Street. Back then, the school was much smaller and many of the grades combined because of space and the number of students.  My days at NDS were some of the best and began my journey to the man I have become today. I was very small and shy as a student. The small class size allowed me to achieve high standards and be challenged daily by my teachers My favorite memory from elementary school was in third grade.  We were a part of a teacher exchange program and teachers from other countries came to share their language, culture, and teaching styles with our teachers. My third grade teacher was Ms. Nuri Munioz, who was from Panama. She had a passion for teaching and all of her students. I was picked on for my small stature and came in from recess one day to Ms. Munioz’s open arms.  She hugged me and talked to me about physical size and accomplishments. The one statement that she finished with, and has stuck with me till today is “It isn’t what is on the outside that is what is on the inside”. I believe this is true for our school as well. I didn’t care what the building looked like or how big it was. I am the end result of what is on the inside of the school.  A host of teachers who believe, nurture, and guide their students. I am a product of lasting friendships to this day, including Ms. Munioz. I went on to attend Walter Johnson Middle School with an easy transition into the district public school due to the programs the county offers in the summer to ease the transition into middle school. I also attended all the open houses and visited Freedom High School several times before starting high school.  I was then accepted into Burke Middle College where I received my high school diploma and an Associates Degree in the Arts in 2015. I attended East Carolina University’s business program and now work in Morganton. I am a firm believer in NDS and its unique approach to curriculum. I have enjoyed watching the school grow over the years and enjoy volunteering at NDS when time allows. ~Jameson Auton