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McKinney-Vento Act:

NDS McKinney Vento Posting 2022.pdf

Warrior Families:

We are excited to share that after careful consideration, our school will now be using a program to help organize the school dismissal process and improve safety. This program is a phone application downloaded onto your smart phone (found in the app store) and will allow you to notify the school of pick-up changes and authorize others to pick-up your child from school, alert you when your child has been picked up, as well as help organize the car line during pick-up.  Using this program allows our school to do even more to help with social distancing.

The registration process is easy and we ask that all parents register with the phone application as soon as possible. Several resources are included below to help you understand how to use the application and assist you with this transition. Please make sure you register with your personal current mobile phone number or the app will not allow you to access your child’s information for security reasons.

If you do not think the school has your mobile number on file or if your child does not appear in your app’s home page, contact support@pikmykid.com mailto:support@pikmykid.com after registration, with your child’s name, school, grade, and updated contact information for you.

Anyone who will be picking up your child should also register themselves with the application. Their screen will be blank and they will not have any authorization until you allow it within the app.

Also, new car tags will be provided during open house or the first day of school.  If there is a problem with using the app, our staff will log you into the system using your child’s number.  Thank You for your cooperation!

Please note: If you want to know more, go to this link https://www.pikmykid.com/features/for-parents/.


The New Dimensions family has a multitude of skills and services to offer. We’re pleased to provide the Parent & Staff Business Directory as a way for our families to support business endeavors owned or managed by NDS parents or staff members. 

We offer the directory as a service to our school community. Our inclusion of a business in the directory does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement on the school’s part. 

Click here to view the NDS Family Business Directory

Get Involved

Parent and Community Volunteers are vital to our success at New Dimensions: A Public Charter School. We are always looking for individuals who would like to dedicate his or her time to assist in various areas around our school. NDS offers frequent opportunities for parent involvement through Title 1 program presentations, open monthly Board meetings where students do presentations on what they are learning, quarterly Apples with Admin meetings to allow for school update information and questions from parents, monthly Parent Teacher Organization and Athletic Booster meetings, duty free lunch opportunities for our teachers, Grandparents Day, Thanksgiving lunch, Veterans Day programs, Christmas programs, Band/Chorus concerts, Drama presentations, Girl Scouts/Cub Scouts, club offerings, family movie nights, helping students during Warrior Time each morning, assisting the teacher with classroom preparation needs, etc.

New Dimensions encourages parent involvement and recognizes the Volunteer of the Month at the monthly Tribal Celebrations for the volunteer who has logged the most hours during the month. Our teachers and Administration invite families in at any time if they have questions, comments, or concerns as it is the desire that all students be successful in school and in life. It is the motto of New Dimensions, "At this school, every student will learn. Every kid, every day, no excuses." 

NDS Volunteer Authorization

NDS School and Sports Apparel Orders:

New Dimensions Charter School will now partner with Big Bear Sports to offer you NDS logo apparel and other products. You can order items at any time using the apparel order form linked below.

Ordering Window and delivery dates for turning in forms:

2/27/23 - 3/31/23 with projected deliver on 4/25/23

My daughter Emilie Clontz started at New Dimensions in 2009.  Our family fell in love with the school from day one. We moved from Hickory and she had never been in a public school.  When we found New Dimensions, we knew it was the fit for us. Emilie attended New Dimensions through fifth grade.  At the time, there was no middle school at NDS, so she moved on to Liberty Middle School with some of her other classmates.  Emilie was involved in several activities and was on the AB honor roll all 3 years while attending Liberty Middle. Her other classmates there with her, also were included on the AB and all A honor roll.  Emilie was in the first ever Anchor Club for middle school in Burke County while attending Liberty. She sang in chorus one year, ran track, played volleyball, and was a member of the student government.  Emilie then moved on to Patton High School, where she was manager for the wrestling team, was a member of the Anchor Club, and she participated in the Patton Pageant.  She took several honors classes along with some college courses while attending Patton. One of her fellow NDS classmates moved on to Burke Middle and the other classmate graduated in the top 10 of their graduating class.  Emilie also worked for one year at NDS in the after school program.Emilie completed all her courses and graduate high school early in the Fall of 2017.  She was still able to attend all Senior activities and walk with her class in the spring of 2017.After graduation, she is now currently enlisted in the United States Army and is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.  She is seeking a job as a combat engineer, but may down the road change over to Reserves so that she can go to school to get a degree in elementary education.  Emilie so far has done well in the military and has already received a badge for sharp shooter during their training.Emilie has always held a special place in her heart for NDS and continues to come when she can and visit the students and faculty. 
Emilie has just completed her education and training for her CNA license.  She is now going on with her education with hopes for next fall to start nursing school.  Her goal and desire is to eventually earn her Masters and work as a nurse practitioner with pediatrics in the hospital.She is currently working while in school being a nanny.She is also very active in her sisters' lives and likes to still come and visit here at the school and volunteers in the classroom when she has some time off.