NDS Open Enrollment for 2024-2025

     Open enrollment for the 2024-2025 at New Dimensions begins on Tuesday, January 2 and ends on Thursday, March 27 at 5 p.m. Applications for the upcoming year will be posted on our website and available at the school beginning on January 2. Just give us a call (828-437-5753) or email me at lervin@ndschool.org if you have questions about our school.

     At the end of the enrollment period, it will be determined if more applications than spaces are available for each grade. If the number of applicants for a particular grade does not exceed the number of available spaces for that grade level, all students who have applied by the deadline will be accepted. If the number of applicants for a particular grade level exceeds available spaces for that grade level, a lottery system will determine admission eligibility. The lottery for New Dimensions will be held on Thursday, March 28. The time will be determined. Students who are not offered enrollment will be placed on a waitlist. After all spaces for a grade level are filled, the lottery will continue until all applying students have been assigned a priority number on the waitlist. The waitlist will not carry into the next school year.

     If your child is currently enrolled in NDS, you will be sent an intent form to attend NDS for 2024/2025 school year. This form will be sent out at the beginning of February. 

     As parents and guardians, the decision about where our children go to school is an important one. With the availability of charter schools, parents and guardians have more choices about their child’s education than ever before.

NDS Student Application for 2024-2025

2023-2024 Testing Schedule

NDS 23/24 Testing Schedule

2022-2023 Read to Achieve Summary

NDS 23/24 Read to Achieve Summary
 I would like to begin by saying that my time at New Dimensions has been an absolute blessing to be a part of! All of the teachers and staff made me feel like I was part of the New Dimensions family! I fell in love with New Dimensions so much that I chose to stay there, all the way from kindergarten through eighth grade. Although, I must admit that it was really scary transferring from New Dimensions to Freedom High School. Everything was very different. Somehow I managed to make it through to my senior year of high school. I graduate this year and have been accepted to Gardner-Webb University. I plan to continue to pave my path until I reach my goal: to major in graphic design. ~Jacqueline Craig